Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 High performance work practices: to...

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Chapter 12 High performance work practices: to the common thread seems to be a commitment to improving the knowledge, skills, and abilities of an organization’s employees, increasing their motivation, reducing loafing on the job, and enhancing the retention of quality employees while encouraging low performers leave. Exhibit 12-2 (p323) Human Resource Management Process: directly influenced by employee labor unions, governmental laws and regulations, and demographic trends Human resource planning: consists of assessing current human resources and meeting future human resource needs Human Resource Inventory: created from forms filled out by employees with information such as name, education, training, prior employment, languages spoken, special capabilities, and specialized skills; beginning of human resource planning Job analysis: with its information, managers develop or revise job descriptions and job specifications Job description: typically describes job content, environment, and conditions of employment Job specification: identifies the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to do the job effectively Future human resource needs: determined by the organization’s mission, goals, and strategies; demand for employees is a result of demand for the organization’s products or services Employee referrals: generally produce the best job candidates Decruitment options: p. 328? Selection: an exercise in prediction, seeking to predict which applicants will be successful if hired Correct Decision: the applicant was predicted to be successful and
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 High performance work practices: to...

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