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Segmentation Acne Products Dr. Amit Joshi MAR 3023H Assignment #2 10/8/2009 Heather Bierman Michael Breinlinger Scott Dyl
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Bierman, Breinlinger, Dyl 2 Segmentation is important when a company tries to sell a product. It helps the company identify the group of people they are targeting, how to improve the product, and how to market the product to target their chosen group. Acne products are one product category that can benefit from segmentation. Customers choose such products primarily on the basis of the concentration of its effective ingredients and the complexity of obtaining and using the product. Therefore, there are two primary variables used to categorize the different acne products and the people that use them: strength and complexity. First, the complexity of obtaining and using the product helps divide the market. For the products that need a prescription, people must be willing to take the time to visit their doctor to obtain it. Besides the significant cost of the visit, the process also requires significant effort, including scheduling the appointment, meeting the doctor, and later waiting for the prescription to be filled at a local pharmacy. If people are unwilling to pursue such a time-consuming course of action, they will turn to easier, over-the-counter products. For instance, both Neutrogena and Proactiv offer multi-step systems, while other firms, like L’Oreal, offer an even easier, all-in- one, single-step product. The least complex store-bought acne products include topical creams, which do not require face-washing, and spray bottles, which do not even require rubbing. The second variable that affects the segment of the market is the concentration of the product’s ingredients. If a person has trouble controlling their acne, they will purchase products that have a higher concentration of acne fighting ingredients. But for some consumers, the strong medication dries and irritates the skin. Therefore, those with less serious acne or sensitive skin require a more appropriate product.
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