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What are the pros and cons of launching Oxyglobin immediately? Pros o Near-term benefits o Generate their first revenues ever (revenues they could use to launch Hemopure) o Value in learning how to “go to market,” making mistakes now rather than with Hemopure o Growing desire to take the company public Proven success would have a greater impact However, could be a con with the recent product failures in the Massachusetts biotechnology community Cons o Create an unrealistic price expectation for Hemopure if released first because the two products were almost identical o Hospitals and insurance firms will be all over them to justify 500% price difference for what they see as the same product (risk they don’t need) What are the likely competitive environments in the “animal” and “human” blood substitute markets? Animal: o Biopure is the only company that is actively engaged in the development of a blood substitute for the small-animal veterinary market Baxter or Northfield could attempt to enter the market, but any company wishing to do so
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