Disruption in Retailing - Patterns of Disruption in...

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Unformatted text preview: Patterns of Disruption in Retailing • The future of retailing remains decidedly cloudy • Essential mission of retailing as always had four elements: getting the right PRODUCT , PLACE , PRICE , and TIME o The way retailers fulfill that mission has changed due to disruptive technologies • Disruptive Technology: enables innovative companies to create new business models that alter the economics of their industry o Historically underestimated by experts, who are blinded by their perception of the initial limitations FOUR MAJOR DISRUPTIONS • 1) Department stores • 2) Mail-order catalogue • 3) Discount department stores • 4) Internet retailing RETAILING PROFITABILITY determined by two factors: • the margins stores can earn • the frequency with which they can turn their inventory over Two clear patterns in the way earlier DISRUPTIONS UNFOLDED: • Generalists stores and catalogs eventually supplanted by specialized retailers o Emerged once market for new form of retailing grew large enough to generate enough sales...
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Disruption in Retailing - Patterns of Disruption in...

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