Australia - Australia 04/19/10 • Lots of undeveloped,...

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Unformatted text preview: Australia 04/19/10 • Lots of undeveloped, usable land • Hofstede’s are very comparable • Wealth is not as important, achievement neither • Both heavy objective-decision-making • Family is a little more important in Australia • Australia is much less focused on authority. • Lower divorce rates than US • Gift-giving o Small o Doesn’t have be very expensive • Humor o They don’t take themselves as seriously o US flag is super important to Americans, Australia is not as concerned with their flag Politics • The Queen of England is the Queen of Australia • Government o Federal parliamentary and commonwealth • Predominantly Christian – 64% • Vote at 18, you have to or else you are fined • Prime minister and queen are in power. Queen is more of a figurehead • Stay mostly neutral, not involved in wars • Stable for business • Women could not vote until 1992 Law • Common law – Similar to English common law • Constitution – Framework for government o Fewer guarantees of human rights o Many rights decided by high court • High court differs because it ensures single, uniform common law. Supreme court doesn’t have full jurisdiction over all state courts • Higher income tax • Goods and services tax of about 10% • Fuel tax on commonly-used tax...
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Australia - Australia 04/19/10 • Lots of undeveloped,...

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