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Unformatted text preview: Culture • The Japanese strongly believe relationships outweigh personal business • “Salarymen” are white-collar Japanese males that are consistent, reliable, obsessed with detail, conservative, and most importantly, conform • Management’s role is merely to maintain a productive environment for the group to succeed and remain accessible to provide guidance • Important to “save face” – don’t criticize or insult others in fear you’ll lose status with peers • Verbal communication is indirect and ambiguous o What one publicly states and what one really thinks often feel contradictory • Silence and body language are important when communicating with the Japanese • It is culturally imperative to dress appropriately and exchange business cards • Gift giving, bowing, and business meals are important to develop business relationships • Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions o Moderately high power distance, high uncertainty avoidance (dislike risk and change), slightly...
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