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Switzerland - [email protected] E-mail PPTX to professor...

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[email protected] – E-mail PPTX to professor Switzerland Four languages – Italian, German, French, Romansch 16,000 sq miles, FL is 65,000 Easy to change stuff in Switzerland; just get enough votes on a ballot o Very direct democracy N/A below poverty level Manufacturing, high-tech, services Unique geography Hofstede’s: Masculinity – 70 Uncertainty Avoidance – 58 IDV – 68 PDistance – 34 Very wealthy, but demonstrating wealth is negative High achievement Monochronic – One thing at a time Flexibility is not highly-regarded Very little humor or small-talk, get down to business Long-term oriented Decision-making: Slow process Objective facts Authority: Modest about roles
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Emphasize importance of team concensus Trust – Be real, not too much small-talk They marry late, but avg. children is 1.42. They protect pregnant women Economic Measures Negative GDP growth Negative inflation rate Low Unemployment Composition of GDP: o 1.5% Agriculture
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