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Mine accident in northern China and the rescue mission that followed to save the 153 miners that were trapped after the mine flooded with millions of gallons of water o Workers digging tunnels broke through a wall into an old shaft filled with water, submerging five of the workers’ nine platforms 8 days after it happened, rescuers miraculously saved 115 men o 38 others remain missing Survivors had strapped themselves to the walls with their belts so they wouldn’t drown o Hung there for days until they jumped into a mine cart that was floating by o Eat bark from the pine pillars used to construct the mine Rescue works drained the mine of more than 11 million gallons of water a day o Drilled a hole through the dirt and pumped oxygen inside where they hoped to find survivors o Then on Friday afternoon, they heard tapping on the pipes Sent down supplies like bags of glucose o Then they sent a team of divers down who found the survivors Miraculously, none were in critical condition, although they were dehydrated and in shock
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