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How to do business in ____? China Values and principles above money and expediency o Emphasis on trust and mutual connections Be a good listener Don’t say “I” say “we” o Slow in forming decisions, but stick with decisions once made o Reciprocity is important o Guanxi Meetings start with small talk and tea o Host indicates when meetings begin and end o Negotiations are often carried out through intermediaries to reduce the loss of face o Avoid displays of affection o Prefer farther physical distance Russia Build personal relationships with partners o Consider business ethics o Use face-to-face communication o Stress exclusivity o Stress mutual gain, focusing on win-win relationship Be patient (lot of red tape) o Use local consultants o Keep financial information personal o Research the company o Clarify terminology Give gifts like pens, jeans, T-shirts, and odd number of flowers If eating, keep food in plate and hands in lap Ask to see manufacturing facilities India Punctuality is important o Titles are important No personal questions o No public displays of affection When eating or accepting things, use the right hand o Namaste to greet people Tolerant of outsiders o Wear western suits o Don’t drink alcohol o Wife and children eat at separate table
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Exam2_EssayQuestions - How to do business in _? China...

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