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Human Relations in Management MAN 4101 Fall 2010 This study guide covers at least 80% of material on the exam. The exam is worth 50 points: 2 Level 1 Short Answer Questions: Worth 10 points each (20 possible points) 4 Level 2 Short Answer Questions: Worth 20 points (80 possible points) How to do well on this exam: You can help yourself by making it easy for me to find your answer: -List with numbers where steps are required -Re-type the tested word when definitions are provided -Re-type the first few words when matching a phrase with definitions Be aware that if I have to hunt for your answer, I will assume that you don’t really have one. Use all-caps when you want to point my attention to various sections of your response. Make sure that you fully respond to each question to earn as much credit as possible. Important Concepts by Chapter (where a concept is listed, at a minimum, you should be able to define it and explain its significance in human relations) : Chapter 7-Dealing with Conflict Transaction Analysis: A method of understanding behavior in interpersonal dynamics Improves the ability to deal with emotions and develop better human relations Ego States (TA styles) o Parent Critical: Behave and respond with advising responses, uses a lot of do’s and don’ts, and control the conversation Autocratic (high task-directive) “Why on earth would you format the report that way? This looks ridiculous!” Sympathetic: Behave and respond with reassuring responses Consultative and participative (high supportive-relationship behavior) “Hmmm. That’s not what I was expecting. Let me show you how to do it better.” o Child Adapted: Behave and respond with confronting, advising responses Rebelliousness and finger-pointing; aggressive “Did you see the new work schedule? It’s totally not fair! I hate the way they do weekends!” Natural: Behave and respond with probing responses Successful managers don’t operate continually from this state “I’m closing again this Friday. Oh well, it’s more relaxed on weekends anyway… they let us blast the music while we close down. It’s actually kind of fun.” o Adult: People behave in a thinking and unemotional manner Gathers information and reasons things out The most effective “Well, let’s get started. How would you like to divide up the workload? 1
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Types of Transactions o Complimentary: The sender gets the intended response from the receiver Results in effective communication Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the response they want, it just doesn’t surprise you “Please get this order ready for me.” “I’ll get it done, no problem.” (adult-to-adult level) o Crossed: The sender does not get the expected response from the receiver Results in surprise, disappointment, and hurt feelings for the sender Takes you by surprise, but it doesn’t have to be negative
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Exam4_Study Guide - Human Relations in Management MAN 4101...

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