CaseStudy_Outline - H istory o 5-Star Hotel in Bangkok,...

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History o 5-Star Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand o Among Bangkok’s most prestigious hotels Treated their employees very well Got good benefits, salaries, job security, and bonuses o Employees had always worked to management’s instructions Basically ensured that the orders from their managers were carried out If they made mistakes, they were punished Discouraged creativity and innovation o That being said, they were still among the best o Sold to a large American hotel chain All of the employees were kept, except for the general manager, who took an early retirement o John Becker became the new general manager American appointed by the hotel chain with 10 years of management experience there Selected because he was very successful in integrating newly acquired hotels in the U.S. However, he previously took over operations with poor profitability and low morale He never really integrated a good hotel before o Decided to use the strategy he used in the US to replicate the success he had back home Did so by implementing employee empowerment He gave employees decision making authority to satisfy the needs of guests Now only complex issues and decisions were to be referred to superiors
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CaseStudy_Outline - H istory o 5-Star Hotel in Bangkok,...

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