Exam2 Study Guide - Chapter #5 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. How...

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Chapter #5 – 1. How does the needs hierarchy theory address fairness? (???) 2. What do the letters ERG stand for? (p138) 3. What are the four drives? (p140) 4. How does the four drive theory maximize employee motivation? (p141) 5. Which drive is insatiable? (p140) 6. Does the concept of employee engagement have a theoretical foundation? (???) 7. What role did Abraham Maslow play in recognizing the role of human thoughts as it relates to motivation? (p138) 8. What is 360 degree feedback? (p150) 9. What is the most effective way to deliver feedback? (p150-1) 10. What are synonymous terms for drives? (p134) 11. Compare and contrast ERG theory and Hierarchy of Needs Theory? (p138) 12. How is the Hierarchy of Needs Theory more structured than ERG theory? (p138) 13. What is the relationship between needs and values? (p134) 14. Is there a correlation between need for achievement and risk taking… participating in teams? (p139) 15. What are the expectations of new workforce entrants as it relates to motivation? (p143-4) 16. Know: equity theory (comparison other). (p152) 17. What are the primary components of effective feedback? (notes) 18. What is the correlation between goal setting and monetary incentives as it relates to goal setting? (p147) 19. Compare and contrast procedural justice and distributive justice. (notes) 20. In the four drive theory, which one is reactive? (p141) 21. How does workplace cultural diversity affect motivation? (p135?) 22. Do people with high need for achievement prefer taking risk? (p139) 23. Do they prefer working in teams? 24. How do setting specific goals affect goal setting? (p146)
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Exam2 Study Guide - Chapter #5 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. How...

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