Exam3 Study Guide - Chapter #9 How is media r ichness...

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Chapter #9 How is media richness reflected in terms of cost to the company? - Under what conditions might an organization employ the use of instant messaging? - Is communication essential for decision making? 27 0 What is the communication model? 27 1 What constitutes ‘noise’ in communications? 27 1 Define effective communication and explain how noise affects it. 27 1 How do you use codebooks to encode and decode? 27 2 How has e-mail redefined the manner in which office workers communication? 27 3 How do social networking sites make work communication more effective? 27 5 Define emotional contagion, aka mirroring 27 7 Define media richness. 27 8 What form of media should be used for ambiguous situations? 27 8 What is jargon? 28 2 When are metaphors and ambiguous language useful? 28 2 How does buffering reduce overload? 28 3 As it relates to information overload, how do omitting and buffering strategies affect this problem? 28 3 What strategies are recommended for decreasing information overload? 28 3 Which gender is more receptive to nonverbal communication… to communication that helps form relationships? 28
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Exam3 Study Guide - Chapter #9 How is media r ichness...

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