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Critical Analysis Paper2 Notes - Facts Google is the worlds...

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Facts Google is the world’s premier provider of Internet search services (467) o Mission: “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” (469) o Code of conduct: the company had “always flourished by serving the interests of our users first of foremost” and called for usefulness, honesty, and responsiveness in the company’s dealings with customers (470) o Founders Brin and Page asserted in their founders’ letter to prospective investors: “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.” (469) In 2000, the company had established a Chinese-language version of its popular search engine, hosted on servers outside China (467) o The service left much to be desired, since it was unrealizable and Chinese censors routinely removed search results (467) o Even when users can reach it, the Web site is slow and sometimes produces results that when clicked on, stall out the user’s browser (467) o By 2002, this service had captured about one-quarter of the Chinese market for online search (477) Google had been losing market share, particularly to Baidu, a Chinese firm (467) At the same time, the number of Internet users in China, and with it the potential for advertising, had been growing almost exponentially (467) China is one of the most economically dynamic countries in the world and by far the most populous, with 1.3 billion people (470) o Established an autocratic, single-party state that imposed strict controls on China’s society and economy (470) o Recently changed to a more market-oriented economy with a rapidly growing private sector that makes it a major player in the global economy (471) As a result, their GDP grew tenfold over three decades and now has the second largest economy in the world after the U.S. (471) o Represent 11% of all Internet users worldwide (471) China operates the most far-reaching and sophisticated system of Internet
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Critical Analysis Paper2 Notes - Facts Google is the worlds...

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