John Allison_Notes - Values practical habits that enable us...

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Values: practical habits that enable us as individuals to live, be successful , and achieve happiness Values must be consistent (non-contradictory) o Reality (fact-based) What is, is In order to be better, we must begin by understanding what the facts are Wishing something is so, does not make it so People make mistakes by denying reality Evasion (some piece of information you refuse to examine because it contradicts something you believe, detaching from reality) o Causes most of the big mistakes in life o Go out of focus cause you don’t want to hear it Popularity (independent from reality) o 99.9% of people thought the world was flat o People cheat because other students cheat o Go against crowd; don’t do it b/c everyone else does it Authority (independent from reality) o Pope puts Galileo under house arrest after he proved Earth went around Sun o Rely on them, but responsible for evaluating them o Law of Causality: everything in nature has a nature that they must act consistent with o Reason (objective) Mankind has a specific means of survival which is his ability to reason logically from the facts of reality, i.e. his capacity to think Sound premises, induction, deduction, and integration are the tools of clear reasoning Our concept is to make logical decisions based on the facts Premises drives conclusions (building on quicksand) Drivers/premises hodgepodge and primitive because they’re developed from others when you’re young Improve by having the courage to fundamentally look at beliefs for contradicting reality Deduction: a concrete application of a general principle Deduction errors usually not intellectual, but form of evasion Induction: concrete things in real world to general principle; more important Concept formation: what makes the human mind so powerful (i.e. realize it’s a chair even if they look different) o Hierarchical; cheat on higher level concepts, which you get from
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John Allison_Notes - Values practical habits that enable us...

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