Exam1 - Michael Breinlinger MAN 3301 2/15/11 Exam 1...

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Michael Breinlinger MAN 3301 2/15/11 Exam 1 Southwest Southwest primarily tries to keep their workers happy. They hire for attitude and train for skill. It’s a culture of fun since they firmly believe that you work at your best when you are yourself and having a good time. When the employees are happy, it directly translates to customer satisfaction. Southwest also manages relationships, encouraging a culture of cooperation where no one person is better than any other. In fact, they work in teams so as to work towards the same goal. Thus, their strategy and human resource efforts merge, following their strategic principle to “meet customers’ short-haul travel needs at fares competitive with the cost of automobile travel.” Starbucks Starbucks focuses on the in-store experience, including the aroma of the stores, the service, and the relationships. In order to implement the strategy, they treat employees as their most important assets. As a result, they give benefits to part-time employees and pay fair wages to farmers. Like Southwest, Starbucks believes that happy employees translate to customer service, creating the “Starbucks experience.” For an example of the lengths they would go, they passed on selling food in their stores, an idea which had proven profitable in test markets. However, they focused on preserving the experience, and the food diluted the coffee aroma. Marriot Marriot collects feedback from all levels of management. Their set strategy includes asking employees on the front line what customers want. Top managers implement their ideas, which keep customers happy. But Marriot’s strategy also satisfies employees due to the Hawthorne effect. By displaying interest in their positions and
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Exam1 - Michael Breinlinger MAN 3301 2/15/11 Exam 1...

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