mgt 350 wk 5 lt - Critical Thinking Simulation Lisa...

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Critical Thinking Simulation Lisa Johnson, Kristi Chachere. Nicole Graziano, and Johnathan Shiverdecker MGT 350 August 21, 2011
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As a part of this simulation, I had landed a managerial assignment with Credenhill. Part of a program that I was accepted to was a management development program where I would be supervised by Linda; she was Credenhill’s top entrepreneurs who would be leading three of the lucky applicants, including myself to a career path in the organization. My job was to take over as store manager in an electronics store in Dallas, Texas. This particular store I would be taking over has been afflicted by a number of problems that range from falling sales in the past eight weeks to legal action from the city for a violation of the local disability access law. When analyzing the issues in the simulation, there were multiple decision-making tools and techniques that were used. Some of the decision making tools that were used in the simulation were: brainstorming, imaging or visualization and inductive reasoning. There was also use of
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mgt 350 wk 5 lt - Critical Thinking Simulation Lisa...

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