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Fig. 1 Student advocates of the DREAM Act from a youth run support group for undocumented Latino students Reyes 1 Jacqueline Reyes Position Paper Professor Trent EN 102 10/21/10 The Impact of a Dream In today’s economy, going to college is the best choice many students make after graduating high school. However, some students came to the United States illegally at a very young age because of their parent’s decision to move here, and as a result, their illegal status now prevents them from being eligible for any assistance; thus, creating many obstacles for them to continue their education. This is why Democratic Senator Dick Durbin reintroduced the Dream Act, to help give these students the opportunity to gain their citizenship, so that they can get an education and become successful. The Dream Act has been debated for many months now, and it still has no chance of being passed through legislation. With an increasing number of undocumented students graduating high school every year, it is important for the Dream Act to pass because it will have a positive impact on our country. First, if undocumented students are given their citizenship, it will have a positive effect on the economy. “Statistics show that there are fewer and fewer candidates available to fill many professional careers” (Grajeda). Thus, it forces companies to hire more un-qualified workers due to a lack of educated people. In addition, by letting undocumented workers continue their studies, the government will be collecting more taxes because undocumented students will be working in higher paying jobs. According to USA Today, “…illegal immigrants contributed $428 billion dollars to the nation’s $13.6 trillion gross domestic product in 2006” (Loller). Imagine how much more higher this number can be if undocumented students are given the opportunity to apply to higher paying jobs. Second, the Dream Act will benefit the American educational system by helping decrease the high school drop out rate. Education has always been valued in the American Culture, and having a high dropout rate only contradicts this idea. The Dream Act will encourage undocumented students to continue their education. It has been stated that “immigration status and the associated barriers to higher education contribute to a higher-than-average dropout rate among foreign born students…” (America’s Voice).
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Reyes 2 These students find themselves thinking, why try if it’s all for naught. To them there is no point in
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dream act essay - Reyes 1 Jacqueline Reyes Fig 1 Student...

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