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Issue Proposal - Jacqueline Reyes Issue Proposal Professor...

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Jacqueline Reyes Issue Proposal Professor Trent EN102 9/29/10 The Dream Act In the United States, illegal immigrant students do not have the same opportunities as others in terms of getting a higher education. This is why the idea of the Dream Act was developed, to help give illegal immigrant students their citizenship based on certain requirements. Although this act has not been passed, many view it as the only way illegal immigrant students have towards a chance of prosperity in this country. Those who oppose it say these students are not entitled to these privileges. Who are we to prevent students from wanting to succeed in this country based on their citizenship status? Aren’t they as deserving as the rest? The debate on the Dream Act appeals to me because it is an issue that touches home. I myself am not an illegal immigrant student, but I am close to some who are. I have seen the obstacles they go through in trying to pursue a higher education. How hard it is for them to choose this option, instead of working at low paying jobs.
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