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Reyes 1 Jacqueline Reyes 12/01/10 Rough Draft Professor Trent EN102 The Power of Popular Magazines on Beauty Beauty standards have been a part of society for centuries, but its impact has increase throughout the years. It hasn’t been until recently that images of women in popular media magazines raised a concern in the development of women’s beauty standards. This began in 1969 when Vogue magazine started to target women’s body figures than clothing itself. Since then, popular media magazines has played a main role in the creation of women’s beauty standards. Many have viewed this issue as minor or nonexistent in society, but what they do not realize is the effects that these beauty standards are having on women today. I never realized this issue until I personally encountered the power that the images in these magazines have on young women. Since a young girl I grew up reading teen magazines, putting up posters of celebrities on my wall. I looked up to these images, images that defined the beauty standards in society. It wasn’t until I was older that I realize how unrealistic these images were. What would have happened if I let myself be influence by these images? Is this not an issue that society should be trying to prevent? Many agree and believe that popular media magazines are the blame for promoting unrealistic images of women. That they are responsible for negative outcome it has on women. On the other hand, there are those who believe that magazines do not create any negative effects on women; instead it helps them enhance their beauty through advice given in magazines. Then there are also those who believe that magazines have absolutely no influence on women’s beauty
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Reyes 2 standards. They believe these standards are invalid considering the different standards there are in the world. This is an issue needs to be acknowledged, especially by women. Popular media magazines promote and create unattainable beauty standards that cause negative effects on women’s body image. Beauty standards established by popular media magazines are only hurting women’s self- esteem. The models in magazines are portrayed to be flawless, thin, tall, and beautiful. Women are manipulated to think that they must change their body image to fulfill the beauty standards. Models represent and display the newest fashion and trend, it makes sense that women look up to these models. Women compare their bodies with these images, and when they realize they are different they begin to look at themselves as unattractive. However, these women are looking up to a false image. For example, former cover model, Ann Simonton, became a body activist after realizing the ridiculous standards that the industry has put on its models. As Ann and other models were getting ready for a shoot, she kept hearing the constant complain that these models had about their own body (Anderberg). These models are supposed to define the beauty standard, but how can that be realistic if models themselves don’t feel like they achieve it. How can
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Research paper - Reyes 1 Jacqueline Reyes Rough Draft...

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