case study - Jacqueline Reyes 3/28/11 CH109 Professor...

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Jacqueline Reyes 3/28/11 CH109 Professor Tahmazian Case Study As many already know, Jill-at-the-Grill restaurants have recently been put under a big microscope, after an unfortunate death of a young boy and crucial medical conditions of a young girl caused by food poisoning. After several conclusions, it was found that the meat consisted E. coli bacterium, which can cause foodborne illnesses. It is very important for the company to wisely choose a direction to move forward in. Not only does our concern lie on our customers, but also on the overall transition that will need to be made. This is why I believe that the best choice our company can make is to begin the usage of food irradiation. Food irradiation is the usage of technology that eliminates germs from foods that causes many diseases. During this process, there are two main elements, Cobalt and Cesium. These two help provide a high energy that becomes gamma rays. Luckily, this process does not give off neutrons, which means that they do not make anything around them radioactive. When the gamma rays do pass through the food, it will not interact with it directly. Instead, the gamma rays interact with enough photons to break bonds within the molecules. Thus, effectively killing bacteria, or at least prevents it from continuing. When hearing how irradiation occurs in this process, it scares people in believing it will cause harm to the food and its surroundings. However, this is not the case, irradiated food does not become radioactive nor anything around it. It does chemically change the food, since any treatment results in chemical changes, but it does not make the food taste drastically different nor does it take the nutritional value of it. There have been several foods that have been approved already for irradiation in the United
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case study - Jacqueline Reyes 3/28/11 CH109 Professor...

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