short paper #2 - Jacqueline Reyes 9/20/10 SO101 What to...

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Jacqueline Reyes 9/20/10 SO101 What to know About Second Generations One of the United States main foundations has been migration. Since early American history, people from all over the world have migrated to this country in hopes of a better future. Much has not change since then, today there are still many people coming to this country with those same hopes. This has been true for many Salvadorians here in America. The came seeking new opportunities, and once the found them, they decided to settle in and begin raising their families. This is why it is common to see many second generation Salvadorians because Salvadorians that migrated to the United States had kids who grew up in this country, a different environment as of those from previous generations. Second generation Salvadorians are now a part of their own culture, one that shares similarities and differences from the culture of their parents. The norms and values of this subculture are influence and passed down by older generations. The norms that are expected of second generation Salvadorians is to pursuit an education. It is expected for kids to go to school and continue their education beyond high school; to pursue a career and take advantage of the opportunities that their parents never had. It is expected for them to be grateful for the hard work and sacrifice their parents have done to allow them to have the opportunity of a better future. Here is where norms and values connect because in order to achieve the norm, one must first obtain the
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short paper #2 - Jacqueline Reyes 9/20/10 SO101 What to...

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