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Jacqueline Reyes 2/19/11 CH109 Professor Tahmazian Science News The article “Microbe Finds Arsenic Tasty; Redefines Life” by Dennis Overbye, talks about the results of an experiment Felisa Wolfe-Simon, a NASA astrobiology, lead that involved using a trained “bacterium to eat and grow on a diet of arsenic, in place of phosphorous.” In the lab, the bacterium manages to grow for months, in where the bacteria ended up switching the phosphorus atoms for arsenic. Scientist cannot draw a definite conclusion that elements such as arsenic can be an absolute replacement of any of the main elements that are essential for life, but “it gives us food for thought about what might be possible in another world” (Gerald Joyce). These results not only encourages scientist to experiment for more chemical replacements, but it
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Unformatted text preview: also promotes the mission of trying to find life on Mars. In my opinion, I find it fascinating to learn that there are possibilities of other elements being able to substitute and work as well as one of the six important elements for life. I think that as technology develops and as scientist begin to discover new ways that help keep life going, it is possible to see in the future life being discovered on Mars. Even if it is not Mars I believe that it is possible to find life beyond this planet. Just an experiment like this can bring hopes for a new generation. Future scientist can look back at this experiment using it to analyze and influence future experiments....
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