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Telecommunications 3010 Spring 2010 Test 11 Select the best answer for each item. Please recycle your test. True-False Select A for true and B for false. 1. An analog signal does not degrade as much as a digital signal when it is transferred from one tape to another. B 2. Compression is used to mix monaural signals into stereo signals. B 3. A single newscaster on a radio station would be more likely to use a cardioid mike than an omnidirectional mike. A 4. In a studio, lights are usually suspended from a grid. A 5. When a movie is edited using nonlinear editing, the frames of film are physically cut and then taped together in order. B 6. A sound with a frequency of 14,000 cycles per second could be said to have a frequency of 14 kHz. A 7. For amplitude modulation the speed of the carrier wave is varied and for frequency modulation the height of the carrier wave is varied. B 8. Pulse code modulation is digital. A 9. Multiplexing is easier to accomplish on FM than on AM radio. A 10. For analog television the video signal was amplitude modulated and the audio signal was frequency modulated. A 11. Progressive scanning lays information on the screen one line at a time from top to bottom while interlace scanning lays down all the odd lines then all the even lines.
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A 12. C-band is lower on the electromagnetic spectrum than Ku-band. A 13. Synchronous satellites are so positioned that they appear to hang motionless above the earth. A 14. Twisted-pair phone wires are an older technology than fiber optics. A
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Practice test13answers - Telecommunications 3010 Spring...

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