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ACC103-_Handout_1_TutQ_Wk2-1 - ftr,i o 3-29 k$.Nvp sttl f C...

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Unformatted text preview: ftr{,i o: 3-29 . - k$.Nvp sttl + f C r.,-rsr'*ttL Q s) - Pay-roll: direct and indirect labour F J. Smwn worked for 46 horus during the pay week end.ing rday Apil 24. His mrrlral o woricingweek c onsists f 3 5 h ours,o f w hich 3 1 h oursw ere s pq!! o n p roduction hiiethe w 4 hours were non-productiveidle time. Brown worked 3 hours overtime at a remaimng a r prernium of 50Yoon MondayAprii 20 bechuse customerequiredwork finishedby Tuesday t$11 21 even if overrimehadto be worked to completeit. Brown worked a firther 8 hours I A ovqtime o n W ednesday pnl 2 2 o n o therp ro<iuction.t i s t he p olicy o f t hec ompany'tb "y p a an'cvertime premium of 100p/ofter the frrst 3-hourson any one day. Brown'snormalwage ': fttF is $8 per hour. Rapired: (a) CaicuiateBrown'sgrosspay for the week. tbi lruiicatethe sumto-beheatedas indirectlabour- W Ri;c,>rrsii'uct ork-in-Processa ccount W a a Cir r . llepternber c ompany's ork-in-Process ccounth ad a b alanceu iStO 0 00. D uring t he w 'erep laced i nto p roduction,d irect l abourcos'ao f $ 30000 rrnnii-rr aw m aterialso f $ 50000 ';,cri i ircun-ed,a nd t he b alanceo f t he a ccount a t 3 0 S ep;ter,nberas S 12 0 00- I f t he c ost o f ' w p b c(rrrirrlutcd roductionf or t he m onth i -rad een$ 110 0 00, w hat w ould h ave b eent he e ntry t o a t actoryo verhead liocated? rc,:,.>i'ii -16 ".. c uaaierstairdingthe entrks ia tfte M,atenia,lsea,tro{ accoant - control w ere s 20 0 00 o n I J unea n$ f t 0 0 00 o n 3 0 J une' b a ccount alances The i ,{ateriais i d p urchaseri uring J unec ost $ 60 0 00. D irect m aterialsssuedt o p roduction m R.ar,. aterials S dr:ringJ unev .'erq 550 00. Eequirbd: d m a i ssued si ndirect aterialsuringJ unc.. t r\.jtl:rnal e nh-yo r ecordt hec csti 'f r 3rvr ir aterials ...
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