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ECON1102 MACROECONOMICS 1 Session 2, 2010 Information about Final Exam 1. The final exam may cover material from the entire course. 2. Examinable material is defined by the content of the lectures; the relevant chapters of the textbook (use the lecture notes as a guide to what is most important) and the tutorial program. 3. The final exam has the following basic structure (see the posted cover page of the exam for
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Unformatted text preview: precise details) • 40 multiple choice questions (40 marks) • Choose 3 out of 4 short-answer questions (10 marks per question) 4. Previous final exam papers are not released. 5. Examples of multiple choice questions are available on the on-line quizzes. 6. Some examples of short-answer questions are posted on Blackboard....
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