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1 Faculty of Business, Economics & Accounting Department of Business Studies HELP Bachelor of Business (Hons) Year 2 & Year 3 - HUBBU INTERNAL SUBJECT DETAILS Semester 3, 2010 Subject: FIN 202 Financial Management Subject Lecturer: Mr Selvanadan Telephone: 03-20961511 Fax: 03-20957063 Email: [email protected] Consultation: By appointment
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2 PRE-REQUISITE (S) ACC101 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 1 SYNOPSIS Managing a business requires one to develop good knowledge on the concept of business, forms and organisations of business, business strategy, financial management methods, allocation of capital and control of an organisation. OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this subject, students should be able to: To enable students to explain the role and purpose of financial management; To enable students to demonstrate an understanding of the primary issues in the formulation of a financial strategy; To prepare students for the challenge of managing the working capital requirement profitably; To enable students to evaluate various sources of finance; To give students a good understanding of how firms undertake investment appraisals; To enable students to evaluate investment risks and returns using CAPM and Portfolio Theory; To prepare students on how to evaluate mergers and acquisitions, and To enable students to undertake appropriate valuation of shares and bonds. TOPICS
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FIN_202_Internal_Outline - Faculty of Business Economics...

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