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Ly Nguyen ID#: 010944648 Political Science 100 Online Course On the morning of September 11, 2001, the United States awoke to find itself at war. If that much was clear, many other things were not—including the identity and nature of the enemy, the location of the battleground, and the strategy and tactics necessary for victory. This collection brings today’s most authoritative thinking to bear on these and other issues at the heart of the nation’s preeminent security challenge. Back in the past, one of our major undertakings in the Pacific and in Asia is to try to build the capability and capacity of our partner countries to deal with these insecurities and instabilities. Somebody brought to my attention that the number of countries in the United Nations has almost tripled since the U.N. began in 1945 with 50 countries. That sounds terrific. Because of World War II so the United Nations was established to prevent future episodes of genocide and war. The United Nations was very ineffective when it came to intervening in terrorism that developed from the 1960s through 1980s. We see the U.N Security Council as a political structure as defined by the Neo- Realists. The evolution of bipolar world and the dynamic relationship between the international environment as modeled by the United Nations. The challenge to the Multi- ethnic empires after WWII and these empires with the aid of the United Nations made it possible for the developed world during the 1950s. The Terrorism between Israel and the PLO, in Northern Ireland, and other Marxist- inspired terrorist groups will be our future focus. During late 1960s, our analysis shifts away from terrorism and the international
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environment to the development of terrorism and to the collapse of the Soviet Union. We applied the connection between the Soviet Union and groups that used terror as an expression of national liberation. We have help from tremendous allies like Australia. We do not have a stronger ally in the world than our good friends "down under." We have a
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paper final - Ly Nguyen ID#: 010944648 Political Science...

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