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Genetic disease is caused by a mutant gene that is transmitted to biological children by genetic inheritance. There are wild type RNA which are the original strands and mutant RNA is when something changes and the strand can no longer function correctly. A way to visualize the amino acids that make the protein chain. Each one of the RNA bases if related to an amino acid. RNA and DNA all have polarity. The mutation doesn’t simply have to effect the DNA sequence that codes for a protein it could alter the way that the gene is expressed. A single base-pair change in DNA is a point mutation. Insertion mutation – addition of one or more base-pairs Deletion mutation – removal of one or more base-pairs Three main types of Genetic diseases Single gene disorders – a mutation alters the protein product of a single gene (sickle cell and
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Unformatted text preview: cystic fibrosis disease) Chromosome Abnormalities – caused by deletion, duplications or rearrangements involving large segments of chromosomes (includes Down syndrome) Multi-factorial disorders – mutations in multi genes that are often couple with the affect of environmental factors (includes Colon cancer and Alzheimer’s diseases Almost every cell in your body has two sets of genes carried on 22 sets of chromosomes pairs plus 2 sex chromosomes. Children inherit one copy of each chromosome one from mom and one from dad. Focus on how this happens. Inherited genes make normal and mutant proteins; proteins are need for the cells to function in the body Mutant proteins sometimes prevents proper cell function....
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