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Structure of Protiens: Variety is the Spice(?) Twenty Amino Acids is biological proteins have different chemical side chains: Protein backbone Each type of amino acid has a chemical side chain Water Hating hydrophobic Water loving The cells are made up of phospholipids. Cell membranes make a layer of grease or il around the cell to protect the cell from the outside. The membrane is made up of 3 layers upper layer is water loving middle layer is water hating and last layer is water loving. Some proteins live inside the water hating environment and others live in the water enclosed by the membrane. There is a tube that allows the proteins to pass through. Next look at the protein shape and how the different charges affect the shape of the protein. Three main types of genetic disease: Single Disorders – a mutation alters the proteins product of a single gene Chromosome abnormalities – disorders cause by deletions, duplications or rearrangements involving chromosomes or larger segments of chromosomes
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