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October 2nd 2008 - acid Red blood cells have no nucleus...

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Review section The center part of the chromosome is the centromeres the ends are called telomeres. Difference between the promoter and the primer. Promoter promotes transcription after which there is the part of the gene that encodes for the protein that is to be made. DNA polymerase and RNA polymerase copy from DNA into the two possibilities DNA and RNA. RNA doesn’t need a primer. Codon the 3 letter words that are necessary to make the protein, same for DNA and RNA, each 3 letter word stand for an amino
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Unformatted text preview: acid. Red blood cells have no nucleus thus a gene. Transcription factors making RNA. Central dogma DNA RNA Protein not always true. Need history. When chromosome looks like an X it is has compacted DNA so that isn’t damaged. When promoter is mutated transcription doesn’t happen. Gene doesn’t get expressed ....
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