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September 11th 2008 - more RNA U> Urasil pg81 Distrophine...

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A goes to T G goes to C DNA splits up in order to create RNA once created the DNA goes back together. Information from the RNA gets read in the cytoplasm. Read DNA one strand at a time. (pg 61) Strong bonds hold the letters to the back bone, weak hold the pairs together. One strand one direction other strand other direction.(pg 63) DNA to RNA (transcription) and RNA to Protein (translation) Mitochondria are the energy that our body receives to get up every day. DNA – A C G T important and hard to destroy RNA – A C G U identify as RNA , can be easily destroyed, copy , U is very unstable, can be rapidly reproduced, recycles RNA by splitting it up into building blocks and can go back to make
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Unformatted text preview: more RNA. U -> Urasil pg81 Distrophine protein in our body which is the longest protein Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) single stranded different structure. Pg 82 do form secondary structures formed when rRNA binds to itself Answers pg 85 1. Cytoplasm 2. No 3. 4. DNA is important because we save it to pass it on. Cell pg 90. Chromosomes are compacted store, carry express and protect the genes. Everyone has the same 46 chromosomes -> Karyotype. Except for X/Y women have X/X. Chromosome 1,2 and 3 are always the longest pg 94. Blood cells through away their chromosomes before they travel throughout the body, and 23 chromosomes in the egg and sperm....
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