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September 16th 2008 - DNA in the cell is not naked in the...

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Exam #1 Tuesday 10/07/08 On Exam: + Homework Unit 1 , Unit 2-1 Not Unit 2-2 Notes Look at how the genomes are contained inside the cell. The genes are packaged. All cells have 46 chromosomes. Females have XX and Males have XY. Cell division is a critical part of our survival. Mitosis when the cells divide and make identical copies. If the cell over produces it creates cancer. Genes are packaged until copied after which they can be expressed inside the cell. Metaphase plate the line that separates the cell into to directly diving first step double to make 48x2 = 96 and then separate into 48 and 48 must have 2 copies of each chromosome. DNA is raped around by protein they get wound into a coil that is latter bound in the chromosomes. Only wraps twice per protein. Since the beginning of time these chromosomes have evolved to do this function.
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Unformatted text preview: DNA in the cell is not naked in the cell. When DNA is expressed it is more open. Transcription -Proteins that do the work DNA just sits. RNA polymerase a protein complex that connects to the DNA and makes RNA. Starts in a place called the promoter and ends at the terminator. Makes mRNA has U instead of T. Translation - RNA into a protein small ribosomal subunit then connected to a large ribosomal subunit (ribosome reads in 3letters). tRNA adapter molecules can read RNA and comes with the first amino acid. After taking the amino acid from tRNA the tRNA is thrown out. Start to make a protein chain. Then there is a release factor that ends the protein chain. After tRNA leaves it goes to another process to restore its amino acid. mRNA could produce more than one protein at a time....
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