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Drafting a Research Topic 29.1.03 Version 3.0 'OCMS 1 DRAFTING A RESEARCH TOPIC The Research Topic that you submit is fundamental to your research project. You need to show that your research will contribute to the broad area of Mission Studies. With our guidance you have to convince the awarding institution that you have a viable and worthwhile topic for research. OCMS’s role in the preparatory period of your enrolment is to work with you in refining your research topic, so that it is acceptable for the faculty to propose for registration with a university in a mature and thoroughly considered form. OCMS’s normal approach is to work with research students in helping them develop their own research topic. We may suggest topics for people, but rather seek to work from the student&s special knowledge and particular motivation. Therefore as part of your application process it is important that you do some preliminary thinking and work on the area you plan to research. We offer here some guidelines to assist you in drawing up your ideas. As part of your full application, we therefore ask you to submit a proposed Research Topic of at least two printed pages of A4 and up to five pages of select bibliography. A. ELEMENTS OF A RESEARCH TOPIC The presentation of your research topic needs the following elements. 1. TITLE Give the title for your intended research: any subsidiary title should follow after a colon. It is better to be more detailed rather than less e.g. ±A Missiological Evaluation of the Mission History of the Presbyterian Church of North-East India between 1900 and 1960: With special reference to educational mission& is an example of the level of specificity required. 2. BACKGROUND
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researchtopic - DRAFTING A RESEARCH TOPIC The Research...

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