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ANSWERKEYF2011Test1Geog1112 - GEOG 1112 TEST#1 ANSWER KEY...

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GEOG 1112 TEST #1 ANSWER KEY September 2, 2011 Dr. John Knox 1 Results (all versions): High score: 100% Low score: 42% Median score: 80% Mean (avg.) score: 79.1% A’s: 22% B’s: 34% C’s: 27% D’s: 11% F’s: 8% KEY TO ANSWER KEY: * means <= 60% got right ** means < 40% got it right; *** means way fewer than 20% got it right. THESE WILL SHOW UP ON LATER TESTS ☺means at least 95% got it right; ☺☺means at least 99% got it right; ☺☺☺ = 100% got it right. means a question that separated out high from low scores, e.g. the top quartile of the class did exceptionally well on that question but the bottom quartile did exceptionally poorly on it. __E__ 1. In which layer of the Earth’s atmosphere does the pressure usually increase as you go up through it? a) troposphere b) stratosphere c) mesosphere d) thermosphere e) none of the above __D __ 2. This trace gas is bubbling up from the ocean floor and from melting permafrost. a) Nitrogen b) Nitrous oxide c) Ozone d) Methane e) Carbon dioxide __A__ 3 . At this boundary between two different atmospheric layers, the temperature is close to -60 ˚C but the pressure is only about 200 millibars, one-fifth as much pressure as at the surface. a) tropopause b) stratosphere c) mesopause d) mesosphere e) stratopause __E__ 4. Long linear clouds in the upper troposphere do the following: a) Cause the urban heat island b) Form only near airports where planes land and take off c) Drop concentrated chemicals on our heads below d) Make cows burp a lot e) Reduce the daily temperature range at the surface beneath them __E__ 5. Water vapor always makes up __ of the atmosphere. a) 0% b) 0.0001% c) 4% d) 21% e) trick question; water vapor is a variable gas __C__ 6. A blogger says that he has proof that global warming is a hoax. He shows a graph of carbon dioxide concentrations for Mauna Loa, Hawaii during the late spring and summer months of 2000, which show carbon dioxide decreasing from 20% to 18% of the Earth’s atmosphere during that time. What is the best and most correct response to the graph? a) Yes, carbon dioxide concentrations are currently decreasing worldwide. b) No, carbon dioxide concentrations are steadily increasing during each month of every year. c) The plot is a fake; carbon dioxide doesn’t make up anywhere near 18-20% of the Earth’s atmosphere. d) Carbon dioxide concentrations were decreasing worldwide until the early 2000s, when concentrations started rising rapidly due to increased volcanic activity. e) The plot is a fake; carbon dioxide measurements are not made at Mauna Loa, Hawaii.
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GEOGRAPHY 1112 TEST #1 ANSWER KEY September 2, 2011 2 __B__ 7. Meteorologists use weather balloons that can rise up to an altitude of 30 km, where the atmospheric pressure is equal to 10 millibars, which is typically in which atmospheric layer?
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ANSWERKEYF2011Test1Geog1112 - GEOG 1112 TEST#1 ANSWER KEY...

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