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Dr. Knox’s Answers to Suggested Text Questions For CHAPTER ONE 4. Pressure = force/area. The amount of air over the U.S. is far greater than over a single city. And so while the area is greater, so is the force. End result: the pressure will be roughly the same over the U.S. as over a single city. T he flaw in the reasoning is forgetting how much more air there would be over the U.S. vs. over a single city = more force. 7. The suggested applet Sea Level Pressure Conversion could do this for you. I inputted a temperature of 20°C, 900 mb, and 1600 meters, and got 1084 mb . That would be a world record! In the text, we give a rule-of-thumb that the lowest mile of air (=1.6 km) has about 170 mb in it, so that would give you 1070 mb. Either way, this is unusually high pressure. A little more pressure trivia, originally from http://www.weatherwise.org/ The accepted world record maximum "sea-level equivalent" pressure was observed at Agata Lake (66 degrees 53 minutes N, 93 degrees 28 minutes E) in Siberia at 1200 GMT on 31 December 1968: 32.01 in
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Unformatted text preview: (1083.8 mb). The station elevation is 263 meters; the temperature was -46 degrees C. Extraordinarily high surface pressures observed nearby at the same time corroborated the record measurement. The North American record for high pressure was set in 1989. At 2000 GMT on 31 January 1989, an anticyclone of historic proportions brought a "sea-level equivalent" pressure of 31.85 in (1078.4 mb) to Northway, on the Alaska Highway in the east central part of Alaska. When pressures occur in this range, many commercial aircraft are grounded because their altimeters aren't designed for such high settings. 13. Dr. Knox is tricky on this one! Boston is on Eastern time. The end of February is still Standard time. So Boston is 5 hours behind UTC time, i.e. its midnight in Greenwich, England. But its February 28 th in a leap year! So the correct answer is: the UTC time for this question is 0000 UTC February 29 th , 2012 . Tricky! 14. and 15. Good practice for later in the semester....
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