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Dr. Knox’s Answers to Suggested Text Questions For CHAPTER TWO 8. The compression of the air by your hand is caused by you doing work on the air. This increases the amount of energy in the air. This raises the average kinetic energy of the molecules of air, which translates into a rise in temperature of the compressed air. The warming of the compressed air warms the barrel of the pump by conduction. 10. Using Wien’s Law, where the wavelength of maximum emission in microns = 2900/T, and inserting 3 microns for the left-hand side, we get that 3T = 2900 or T = 966.67K. In other words, about 1000K, which is about 700°C, which is 600°C above the boiling point—very hot. 11. (I didn’t assign it, but hey, it’s fun) Using Wien’s Law, 2900/T, we get that if the temperature is 2.9K then the wavelength at which deep space maxes out its energy emissions is 1000 microns . Look this up on Figure 2.9, and you’ll see that this is in the wavelengths we call “ radio .” So it would take a radio antenna
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