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FAQs (Frequently Asked Quibbles) About Dr. Knox and His Intro Classes Every semester, I’m asked a variety of questions that aren’t quite answered in the syllabus. Unfortunately, these questions are sometimes asked only in the end-of-semester course evaluations. I don’t see the evaluations until a few months after the class is over, so there’s nothing I can do about it. And the student asking the question left the class frustrated, not ever hearing my answer or my explanation. To remedy this, I’ve created an FAQ page for some of the more frequent quibbles about my intro classes. (I don’t get a lot of quibbles, but the ones I get, I’d like to respond to.) This way, at least you know where I’m coming from, even if you don’t agree with me. 1. Why don’t you take attendance every day? Do it every day or not at all. First of all, I hate taking attendance. But my own students have demanded it, in teaching evaluations where I have been rated lower because I did not take attendance and student attendance was low. In other words, I was paying a professional price because students chose not to come to class. I try to make attendance-taking more educational than just roll call. For example, the Fact-or-Fiction Fridays! However, when I ask a question and then grade it, it takes me 1-3 hours to do the grading and input the grade on eLC. If I did that for every class, it would take me 40-120 hours a semester. I’d rather spend my teaching-related time working on lecture notes, demos, holding office hours, doing review sessions before the final exam, etc. So it’s a tradeoff. In the future, if UGA moves fully functionally into the electronic era of clickers and scanners, I may be able to do attendance automatically and electronically. If so, then I might take attendance every day at that point. Finally, regarding attendance grades, I always drop at least one attendance check so that if you miss one class the whole semester and I took attendance that day, then it doesn’t hurt your grade. Also note that in the syllabus I give some big hints regarding when I’ll take attendance. 1
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2. Why do the lecture notes go into folders labeled “Week 1, Week 2…”? How am I supposed to know what week it is? It’s a convenience for me. In some semesters I teach an intro course on a MWF schedule. In other semesters I teach the same course on a TR schedule. Pretty much the same material gets covered each week , but it is organized differently. Organizing eLC by weeks keeps me from having to redo the Web site completely every semester, or creating two Web sites for the same class (one MWF, one TR). That’s time I’d rather spend on other teaching-related duties. The week number is listed on the syllabus, on the day-by-day schedule page.
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FAQSintroclass - 1 FAQs(Frequently Asked Quibbles About Dr...

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