GEOG1112Syllabus - 1 Geography 1112 Introduction to Weather and Climate Fall 2011(Call 40-959 Morning section Instructor Dr John A Knox Associate

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1 Geography 1112: Introduction to Weather and Climate Fall 2011 (Call # 40-959, Morning section) Instructor: Dr. John A. Knox , Associate Professor, Department of Geography E-mail: [email protected] (currently forwards to [email protected]) Lecture Room: 0066-S306 (South PJ Auditorium) Lecture Time: MWF 10:10-11:00 am My Office: Geography/Geology, Room 139 (Go in 1 st floor entrance that faces toward Tate Ctr. /Sanford Stadium; turn right at big rock; then my office is the 2 nd door on right) Office Hours (all classes) : MW 11:30 am-12:30 pm and 2:30-3:15 pm; T 10-11:30 am; R 2-3 pm ; if coming, let me know via e-mail (usually same-day response) Office Phone: 706-542-2118 Home Phone: (ok, but last resort) 706-543-9560 Official course description: Atmospheric composition and structure, clouds, precipitation, and atmospheric motion and winds. Organized weather systems, including air masses, fronts, and severe weather. Discussion of global climates includes circulation, wind systems, climate classification, and climate change. My special emphases: My primary objective is to make you feel “ at home ” with weather and climate. By the end, you should be able to look up at the sky and explain the weather to your friends and family. I learn things easiest when I’m enjoying myself, so I’ll be doing things in lecture to make things fun and participatory . You may get out of your seat; hear weather-related music; and watch interactive applets, movie and video clips too! This subject is atmospheric science , though, so expect to work hard . As a meteorologist, I may focus course material on weather (e.g., forecasting) more than other instructors. I’ll supplement lectures with additional material, which often will be posted on eLC. Raise your expectations of what an introductory science course can be, and aim high ! Text: Meteorology: Understanding the Atmosphere ( brand-new, fully revised 3 rd edition, 2012). I wrote and re-wrote this book for you . Read it! Lectures will also include some non-textbook material (see eLC). Course requirements: BEST 3 OUT OF 4 tests @ 20% apiece = 60% 1 cumulative final exam @ 30% = 30% Attendance checks = 5% Weather forecasting online exercise during second half of semester = 5% 100% EXTRA CREDIT: One office visit with Dr. Knox (15-minute minimum) = 0.5% extra The “Best 3 out of 4 tests” policy: DON’T USE THIS AS AN EXCUSE TO SKIP A TEST. It’s for those who are sick or in crisis, not for those who are avoiding a hard test. See me if you miss two tests for any reason. Attendance policy: I want to make this class so interesting you won’t want to miss it. But due to decreasing attendance in my classes (especially on Fridays during football season), students have demanded that I take attendance. So I will check attendance every couple of weeks, at irregular times but often on Fridays (see below for details on “Fact-or-Fiction Fridays”). Note: one attendance check may
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GEOG1112Syllabus - 1 Geography 1112 Introduction to Weather and Climate Fall 2011(Call 40-959 Morning section Instructor Dr John A Knox Associate

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