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Spring 2009 Review Sheet for GEOG 1112 FINAL EXAM When: AM section: Wednesday, May 6 th , 8-11 AM PM section: Friday, May 8 th , Noon-3 PM Where: Our regular lecture room (AM: MLC 213; PM: Chemistry 400) What does it cover? ~ 20%: Material since Test #4: climate, climate classification, past climates and natural climate change, air pollution, ozone hole, global warming. See WebCT and my text . ~80%: Questions from Tests #1-4 material , with some emphasis on the harder questions, especially weather maps How long will it be? Longest exam of semester, but only 60 questions. And you have 3 hours! TAKE YOUR TIME! DO NOT SKIP ANY QUESTIONS! How much math is on it? A few questions, tops Do I need a calculator? Yes . What is the test format? 60 multiple-choice or true-false questions. Where possible, I’ll tailor the questions to REAL-LIFE SITUATIONS you might encounter, since the whole point of the course is to make you feel “at home” with weather & climate in everyday life. What do I need to bring? A number 2 pencil to use on Scantron forms (forms provided); calculator (cell phone ok, but no messaging); CANNOT USE TEXT; CANNOT USE NOTES; CANNOT USE FORMULA SHEET. What should I study? This review sheet, including your text where noted; & WebCT. ALSO: the questions at the top of the 2 nd page of each chapter in the text are a pretty good summary of what’s essential to know. When/where is the review session? Monday, May 4 th , 7:30 pm, MLC Room 248
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GEOG 1112 Possible FINAL EXAM Questions ( italics = maps, * = math, ** = visual) SINCE TEST #4 (mostly): 1. What is a difference between weather and climate? Which one is concerned with all the spheres, not just the atmosphere? Which one is most clearly governed by a set of known physics laws? Which one is more concerned with long time scales and global space scales? Which one is the focus of more research these days? 2. What’s wrong with the following arguments: “The global climate is warming because today is hot here in Athens.” “Global warming can’t be happening because the temperature hasn’t risen in every location on Earth.” 3. The Köppen system does what? It’s based on what two fundamental climate variables? (Note that the book needs some fixing here: the parameters are CLIMATE variables, i.e. not vegetation.) 4. What is Type B in the Köppen system, and where is it found? What large-scale cell determines its location? 5. Köppen Krush: What is the specific three-letter Köppen type for Athens and what does it mean? If your climate has a Type Am personality, approximately where do you live and do you need an umbrella? Where is a Cs climate found (outside of the U.S.)? The boreal forest or “taiga” is associated with which capital letter? If your climate type is ET, where are you phoning home from? Is “Cpa” a climate type? Is “BS” a climate type? Is “ENFJ” a climate type?
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Sp2009Geog1112ReviewSheetforFINALEXAM - Spring 2009 Review...

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