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Review Sheet for Spring 2009 GEOG 1112 Test #1 When/Where: Friday, January 30th AM Lecture: 9:05-9:55 am MLC Room 101 PM Lecture: 1:25-2:15 pm Room 400 Chemistry nd edition): Ch. 1 + most of Chs. 2 & 3, plus lecture material (pp. 31 [end]-33 not emphasized, but we’ll come back to it re: Ch. 4) (Box 2.1 not emphasized; will come back to it later) (pp. 70-79 on adiabatic warming etc. not emphasized; we’ll come back to it a little later) DO study what I emphasize from Ack/Knox in lecture PLUS a few other things, especially “Focus on Temperature” lecture How long will it be? It will be a 50-minute test! How much math is on it? A few questions will include math, e.g. solar zenith angle, albedo, and also using the Stefan-Boltzmann and Wien’s Laws. They will be similar to what I did in lecture and posted on WebCT. Do I need a calculator? Yes, but only for a few questions. What is the test format? Approximately 50 multiple-choice or true/false questions. On some tests I may ask one or two more essayish questions that may be related to a Suggested Text Question, but it will still be answerable as a multiple-choice question. What do I need to bring? A number 2 pencil (bring your own) to use on Scantron forms (forms are provided); calculator (cell phone calculator ok but no messaging ); CANNOT USE TEXT; CANNOT USE NOTES; CANNOT USE FORMULA SHEET. Any formulas you need, I’ll give to you. Don’t forget the pencil! Will all the tests be like this one? Not necessarily, so carefully read each test’s review sheet! What should I study? See the next page for study questions! NOTE: I can and may ask a few questions from the text material that are not on this list. I may also ask a question in a different way than phrased on the list. Warning: I don’t usually ask questions that are straight off the review sheet word-for-word. I do ask test questions that use the CONCEPTS in the review sheet questions. GOOD LUCK STUDYING! Use the “Discussions” feature on WebCT if you get stuck on a review question. Post questions on “Discussions”; all the students in the class can respond!
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GEOG 1112 Spring 2009 Test #1 Study Questions (* = visual question, *** = math question) 1. What covers 70% of Earth? What covers the other 30%? Where is a lot of this 30%? Does this matter for weather/climate? 2.
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sp2009test1review - Review Sheet for Spring 2009 GEOG 1112...

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