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Axia College Material Appendix G Peer Review Checklist * What is the main point of this essay? The main point of the essay is eating healthy foods. What is the greatest strength of this essay? The different foods, and exercises that can be done to lose weight. Does the introduction grab your interest and make you want to read on? Explain your answer. It was good, but I have a little bit of a hard time with the magic potion kind of thing. Magic makes me think if I wish or pull a rabbit out of a hat. Eating healthy to me is not magic, it is hard work for people that have many weaknesses, or are always on the go. It works, but in my opinion I would word it differently since a lot of people struggle to lose weight, it doesn’t just happen even with good eating habits and exercise. What material does not seem to fit the main point of the essay or does not seem to be appropriate for the audience? Maybe change pee to urinate Where should the author add more details or examples?
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Unformatted text preview: Explain your answer. The author could add more examples of exercises, like pointing out that even walking up and down the stairs is exercise, or doing your yard work is physical activity, it does not have to be someone going to a gym or using exercise equipment at home. Where is the writing unclear or vague? There is nothing that is unclear or vague that I seen. What is your favorite part of this piece of writing? I do not have one. What other comments might you provide for the author? I am not sure I would call losing weight the magic formula, there are many people out there that exercise all the time, and eat good foods, yet have a hard time keeping the weight off for whatever reason. They just can not do it. COM 150 *Adapted from Reinking, J. A., Hart, A. W., & Von der Osten, R. (2001). Strategies for successful writing: A rhetoric, research guide, reader, and handbook (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall. COM 150...
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