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Axia College Material Appendix B Using Microsoft ® Word to Help With Formatting Basics You can use the menus and toolbars in Microsoft ® Word to help you format academic papers according to Axia College requirements and APA style guidelines. Font Font Types Fonts come in two types: serif and sans serif. Serif –This is an example of a Serif font . The most popular serif fonts include Times New Roman , Century Schoolbook , and Garamond . Books, newspapers, and other printed materials (excluding electronic materials) typically use serif fonts, which are easier to read in hard copy. Most readers are accustomed to seeing these fonts. Sans Serif –This is an example of a Sans Serif font .   The clean, simple lines of sans serif fonts are preferable for viewing print on a computer screen. Do not use fonts such as Broadway , Comic Sans , or any other elaborate or fancy font for academic papers—these fonts detract from the readability of the paper. Use Times New Roman for all your Axia papers. Font Size The font size should be set at 12-point for the entire paper, including the title page. Default Settings To select a font style and font size in Word: 1. On the toolbar at the top of the screen, click the Format menu and select Font from the drop-down list.
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