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dq 1 week 2 - research you want to be as detailed as...

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Dq1 When you start a search you want to find something that you like and feel very strong about and a topic that can be searched. The role that developing a research question plays in finding and evaluating credible information is a research question narrows the research topic so that the searches for credible information are more detailed and can you can spend less time searching a broad topic. The research question helps the writer to get very detailed information so that the reader will be able to get the topic and follow along with the topic instead of being confused with the wider view of the topic. When doing a
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Unformatted text preview: research you want to be as detailed as possible because if you are not then you could find things that do not have anything to do with the topic that you are searching for. The sources that you know are credible are ones from the University Library of the University of Phoenix. A credible source is one that are based on facts and ones that can be proven to be true about the topic. An example of things that are credible are sites that end in org, Gov., edu are sites that would be credible because they are based on facts and not on opinions....
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