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1. Blog: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ The Huffington Post. Celebrating Community Colleges and Their Students” I think that it is a credible site because it is an online newspaper with credible authors and up to date information. But there are a lot of newspapers that tell you the truth but do not give you all of the details about the stories. 2. Wiki site: http://en.wikipedia.org/ . This is a good site for information but you have to do extra work to make sure that the information is correct. The reason why the Wikipedia site is not a credible site is because anybody can go on the site and add information to each topic that is on the site. 3. The Web site: http://www.scipub.org/scipub/c4p.php?j_id=JSS . The site seems to be very credible. The article that I clicked on is
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Unformatted text preview: Evidence-Based Study on Performance Evaluation of Social Education Institutions with Balanced Scorecard The article has credible authors that talks about their search and has sources to back up the information that they talk about. 4. The Week two electronic reserve reading University Library Article: http://www.apollolibrary.com/Library/ERR/goerr.aspx? frmCourse=1598&frmWeek=2 I could not get this to open it came up with a error. The articles from the University of Phoenix Library are always credible because the work is peer-reviewed and have cited sources, there is information regarding the author and their credentials. The library is the best place to find good credible sources for the students to use....
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