Bignell Theories of biology

Bignell Theories of biology - limits. Organisms tolerate...

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Evolution by Natural Selection species change or evolve over the generations. The mechanism for this species change is called natural selection. Inheritance the traits, or characteristics, of organisms pass from one generation to the next by means of hereditary or genes. Cells all organisms are composed of cells and that all cells come from preexisting cells. Cells could not be observed until after the discovery to technology. Biological Classification This classification is based less on the similar and differences of living organisms and more on evolutionary relatedness among species. Species that diverged from the same ancestors were grouped into the same categories. Bioenergetics This is based off of the energy that powers the universe powers life. Some of the important things found were the unique network of chemical reactions in cells. Homeostasis organisms function best when their internal conditions are maintained within rather narrow
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Unformatted text preview: limits. Organisms tolerate wide varying external conditions by maintaining stable conditions internally. Ecosystems Organisms interact with each other and with their environments. Changes in any part of the biological community or the physical environment cause changes in the other parts. Ecosystems “Newly initiated projects in terrestrial ecosystems are addressing cause-and-effect relationships between climatic variability and change and the distribution, abundance, and productivity of native and invasive organisms.” (unknown, 2008). They are starting to understand on how CO2 levels are affecting microorganisms and plants. References Works Cited unknown. (2008, September 16). Ecosystems A USGCRP Program Element . Retrieved October 27, 2010, from USGCRP:
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Bignell Theories of biology - limits. Organisms tolerate...

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