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One thing that we can do to help preserve nature is start building up. In some cultures a home is a place to eat and sleep, but people are building bigger and bigger single family homes to live. Condos are part of the answer. Condos tend to house more people with less ground space. Look at places like New York most of their dwellings are apartments or condos that are multiple stories high. The dwelling is built on land that could only fit one to two single family homes. The harvesting of oil and other minerals like coal will need to keep expanding as one well goes dry they will need to replace it with another. I believe the companies that harvest these minerals need to preserve the land in different ways. One way they can help is to use the land that the wells are dried up
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Unformatted text preview: and help start a new habitat for the wildlife. I know here in Hastings they have recently started a habitat for the wildlife. We as humans can rebuild the natural habitat with manmade habitat. It takes many of years for the habitat to mature but it is a start. We do not have the right to tell others what they can and cannot do with their land. It is our duty as humans to educate the other cultures and let them make a decision on what they want to do. If other cultures want to destroy their natural habitat to help produce employment for their citizens we do not have a right to interfere. I believe all we can do is to keep educating them on what they are doing to the different plants and animals that live within the land....
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