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Hastings Family Services provides the community a lot of different services. The services include tangible benefits, in the form of food, clothing, household goods, and gifts for birthdays and holidays. They also provide counseling services for employment and budgeting needs. Another service they provide is vouchers for medical needs, utilities, and gas for transportation to and from medical appointments, county appointments, and employment. They also reserve the right to make decisions on the needs of their clients. Hastings Family Services provides food through their food shelf. They allow the people within the community to get a seven day supply of food for their family on an emergency basis. At this food appointment they will also provide the client with counseling services, help with their budget, and help applying for County assistance. All of the programs offered to the community are on a as needs basis. They will determine the needs of each client and provide the help to overcome the situation that put them
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Unformatted text preview: in the emergency state they are in. They reserve the right to see proof of the client’s income and expenses at any time. This will allow them to make an accurate assessment of the client’s budget. Another service they provide is help with basic household needs. Some clients do not have the funds to purchase dishes, bedding, and other needed household needs. When they are notified by a client that they need these items they will allow the client to go into the store and pick out the items they are in need of. These items within reason are then given to the client. They also provide the people within the community with seasonal clothing at no cost. The programs within Hastings Family Services are on an emergency basis. They reserve the right to say who will, and who will not receive services. The programs offered, are there to help the community become self sufficient. They provide short term help to the people in need....
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