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Bignell Program theory - ii If they are caught breaking the...

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1. Program theory a. Teenagers are expected to stay out of trouble, and to be kids. i. The community expects teenagers to act like adults, but they will not give them anything to do. 2. Program Design a. Set up activities for the teens to do. i. If we give the teenagers something to do at lo to no cost that they will enjoy they will stay off the streets, out of the stores, and stay out of trouble. b. Open a teen center for the teens to hang out with one another. i. If the teens have a “FREE” place to go to when there is nothing for them to do they will go. ii. Make it fun for them. Have different actives for them to do like listen to music, play pool, or just a sitting area for them to chat with each other. 3. Program Specification a. Make sure the teens act appropriately. i. No cursing. ii. RESPECT everyone. iii. No Drugs, Alcohol, or Cigarettes. iv. No Fighting.
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v. Have fun without ruining someone else’s b. Hold the teens accountable for their actions. i. The teens need to sign in and out of the teen center.
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Unformatted text preview: ii. If they are caught breaking the rules they will be asked to leave. c. Actives will include: i. Games. ii. Interaction with each other. iii. Tutoring for school. iv. Dances. v. Graffiti Wall. vi. Social workers to talk to. The reason I choose something for the kids is the kids have nothing to do. The schools were forced to cut back on the after school actives. The teens are now hanging out in the stores. They are steeling and disrespecting everyone who they see. These teens have nothing better to do, so if we give them something better they will stop this nonsense. I remember when I was a teen we had a teen center for two years. The city closed it down due to funding. It kept us kids off the streets and we built lifelong friendships there. We also learned a lot as we were responsible for cleaning the center. If we had a problem we had a social worker to talk to. We learned that respect is not given it is earned....
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