Bignell Wk2 D5 - Unemployment rates It is hard to test for...

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I choose to use Judge Stalls Michigan Drug testing program for welfare applicants. I think this program should be used in all states. I do not believe it is violating the 4 th Amendment rights of the people. If someone is applying for assistance they are asking the government for help. The government is trying to help the people threw all means possible. In the article it states that only 8 percent of the people tested were drug users and most of them used marijuana. With these people going to treatment they will better their chances of obtaining a job. Most employers require a drug test upon hiring. This program will help the eight percent of people pass this test. If a person fails this test they will not gain employment at that business. When asking the government for help they are responsible to help the person in many of different ways. By helping those with drug addiction will help in more ways than you would think. They will be able to obtain employment, and a stable family life. It is true that alcohol is also a leading factor in
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Unformatted text preview: Unemployment rates. It is hard to test for alcohol as it does not stay in a person’s system like other controlled substances. I located an article on Alcohol and unemployment I found this to be interesting. They say that Unemployment or underemployment leads to alcohol abuse. “Alcoholism is a big enough issue for many people, but it can become intolerable when a person is unemployed. In addition, going without a job can put non-alcoholics at risk of drinking too much. Even underemployment--taking on a low-paying job to make ends meet--may damage self-esteem enough to start someone drinking” (Bondigas, 2010). I believe if the program is to stay in effect they need to find a way to screen for alcohol also. The majority of people are going to turn to alcohol instead of drugs. References Bibliography Bondigas, A. (2010, May 19). Unemployment & Alcohol Abuse . Retrieved November 2, 2010, from ehow:
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Bignell Wk2 D5 - Unemployment rates It is hard to test for...

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